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ShieldGPS VO1 - 4G OBD GPS Tracker for Cars & Vehicles

ShieldGPS VO1 - 4G OBD GPS Tracker for Cars & Vehicles

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The easiest way to add reliable real time GPS tracking and monitoring to your vehicle.

The VO1 4G Vehicle GPS Tracker simply plugs into your vehicles OBD port (usually located underneath the steering wheel) and uploads GPS location data over the cellular network to you. Included in your subscription is full access to our tracking platform for desktop and cell phones where you can track your vehicles location in realtime anywhere in the world.

Also included is detailed trip tracking and geofencing which lets you monitor where your car has been, whether your car is stolen or a “trusted” driver is going off course.

The VO1 provides the convenience and reliability of a wired GPS tracker but without the installation cost and hassle.

You can easily view the location of your vehicle in realtime using our ShieldGPS tracking dashboard and app.

Great for anti theft and surveillance, employee and driver tracking, mileage and driver behaviour monitoring.

Simple to Setup
Open the box, visit our website to signup and activate, login to the dashboard, plug in and begin tracking!

UNLIMITED Realtime GPS Tracking
Unlike other trackers on the market, ShieldGPS doesn’t restrict the frequency of location updates or the data used by the device. Rest assured knowing that you’re getting the latest realtime location updates directly from your tracker without delay or restriction. The VO1 uploads its GPS coordinates to you every 10 seconds.

No Batteries, No Hassle
Powered directly from your car’s 12 V battery, don’t ever worry about recharging or changing batteries again. Simply plug in and begin tracking. Leave it for weeks, months or years without worry.

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