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ShieldGPS AT2 - Small Portable 4G GPS Tracker

ShieldGPS AT2 - Small Portable 4G GPS Tracker

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Please note that a subscription is required to use this product. Starting from $9.95/month when prepaid annually or $17.95/month when paid monthly. See the pricing options image for more details.

The ultimate battery powered GPS tracking solution. The AT2 comes equipped with a long life battery (2-3 weeks per charge with intelligent power saving mode), 4G smart cloud connectivity and fast unlimited tracking. Unlike other trackers on the market, ShieldGPS doesn’t restrict the frequency of location updates or the data used by the device. Rest assured knowing that you’re getting the latest real time location updates directly from your tracker without delay or restriction.

Perfect for individuals or businesses, use this professional grade tracker to monitor people or loved ones, vehicles and equipment. At about half the size of a typical cell phone, it’s small enough to be placed in bags, concealed in clothing and attached to vehicles and bicycles.

Included in your subscription is full access to our tracking platform and web app where you can track the device's location in real time (with updates as frequent as every 10 seconds) on your cell phone or PC anywhere within the United States or Canada. You can also access a history of the device's location going as far back as months and you can set up alerts to notify you when your tracker has entered or exited a location (geofences) and when it needs a recharge (low battery alerts).

The AT2 can be used for stealth monitoring and is completely silent.

Weatherproof IPX6 Enclosure.

Included in the box: AT2 GPS Tracker, battery charger, pre installed SIM card, USB cable and user manual.

Please note that a subscription is required to use this product.

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