Choosing the Right GPS Tracker for You

Choosing the Right GPS Tracker for You

When it comes to selecting a GPS tracker, it's crucial to consider your specific needs and use cases. Whether you're a small business looking to track company vehicles, a consumer needing to monitor expensive assets, or someone seeking to ensure the safety of loved ones, ShieldGPS offers a variety of models designed to meet diverse requirements. Here's a guide to help you choose the right GPS tracker from ShieldGPS.


Understanding Your Needs

  • Vehicle Tracking  If your primary need is to monitor vehicles, such as cars, vans, or motorcycles, you will benefit from trackers that offer real-time location updates and easy installation. These trackers help in managing fleets, monitoring employee routes, and securing vehicles against theft.
  • Asset Tracking:   For expensive assets like machinery or caravans, a tracker with robust construction and long battery life is essential. This ensures continuous tracking in various conditions and reduces the need for frequent maintenance.
  • Personal Tracking: If the safety of loved ones or monitoring of personal belongings is your concern, a compact and discreet tracker will serve best. It should be easy to conceal and portable enough to carry in a bag or attach to a

ShieldGPS Models

ShieldGPS provides three models tailored to different tracking needs:


Ideal for vehicle tracking.

  • Installation: This tracker directly attaches to your vehicle’s 12V battery, making it perfect for cars, vans, and motorcycles.
  • Features: It offers reliable real-time GPS tracking and monitoring, with data uploaded over the cellular network.
  • Coverage: You can track your vehicle’s location anywhere within the UK and mainland Europe via the ShieldGPS Tracking platform available on iOS, Android, and desktop/web.
  • Use Case: Best suited for businesses needing to monitor vehicle fleets and for individuals looking to enhance vehicle security.


Versatile for multiple uses.

  • Portability: Smaller than a mobile phone, the AT1 is highly portable and discreet. It can be placed in bags, clothing, or attached to vehicles and bicycles.
  • Durability: It features a long-life battery (up to 12 months in power saver mode) and is built with heavy-duty, waterproof materials (IP67 rated). An optional magnetic backplate allows easy attachment to metal surfaces.
  • Features: Provides real-time GPS tracking, making it suitable for monitoring people, loved ones, vehicles, and equipment.
  • Use Case: Ideal for personal safety, tracking valuable assets, and ensuring the security of portable items.


Simple and convenient for vehicle tracking.

  • Installation: The OB22 plugs into your vehicle’s OBD port, typically located under the steering wheel. This makes installation straightforward and hassle-free.
  • Features: It offers reliable real-time GPS tracking with data uploaded over the cellular network.
  • Coverage: Track your vehicle’s location in real-time across the UK and mainland Europe through the ShieldGPS platform.
  • Use Case: Perfect for consumers and businesses seeking an easy-to-install solution for vehicle tracking.


Making Your Decision

To choose the right GPS tracker, assess your primary use case and consider factors such as ease of installation, portability, battery life, and durability. ShieldGPS offers models that cater to a wide range of needs, ensuring you have the right solution to keep track of what's important to you.

For comprehensive tracking solutions and peace of mind, trust ShieldGPS to deliver reliable and user-friendly GPS trackers tailored to your needs. Explore our models and find the perfect tracker today!

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